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How to Make Comparison Between Online and Offline Poker game.

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People have known about poker games since ages when our great grandfathers played this game as their favourite pass time. As time progressed, many different changes have been made. In the present age, when internet has become a very important media, online poker game has brought in new evolution in the gaming scenario. Now the game has been made so easy to play that even people who do not know anything about it can play this game.


When you join any trusted online gambling websites or judi QQ online terpercaya then you are offered with welcome bonus, and many other host of bonuses. As a player, you can use them, but cannot withdraw this amount. Players can play even when their money is exhausted. However, in offline poker game, you need hard cash to play. On the other hand, online poker game has plenty of attractive offers that you usually don’t find in offline poker games.

Number of hands

In online poker game, a software is used that can provide you details of all your previous hands and moves so that you can use your new move based on your past moves. While in the old poker games no such facility was available. Only if you have very good memory, you can use your next move properly.


In online game, you may get distracted as there are multiple numbers of games. However, in offline game you are just opposite to your opponent. Hence, there are less chances of distraction.


In this game, bluffing is usually done while playing the game. In case, you are playing online, you cannot see the players. However, in offline game you can read the face of your opponent and can make a guess.

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