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How to Join a Lottery Syndicate

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Lotto syndicates are increasingly becoming more popular in the lotto gaming world. First, what is a lotto syndicate? A lotto or lottery syndicate is a group of lotto players that combine their money to purchase more lotto tickets, thus giving them better odds for winning the jackpot. Instead of the traditional way of buying a few lotto tickets for yourself, which gives you lower chances of taking home the jackpot, you pitch in the same amount as the other players, which will be used in purchasing more tickets.

What happens if the lotto ticket of your group wins? The jackpot will be equally distributed to the members of the syndicate. It’s better to share than win nothing at all, right? However, you should still consider the number of members in a syndicate, the jackpot prize, and the amount that you need to pay to determine if the amount that you would receive in case you win would be worth it or not.

Joining a Lottery Syndicate

If you’re interested in joining a lottery syndicate, you can join a group in your workplace if there is one. You also have the option to create one by inviting people you know to form a lotto syndicate. Just make sure that you discuss the terms of your group, including who will act as the manager, how many members will be in the group, how much each will pay, how many tickets will be purchased, the numbers to pick and how the money will be distributed in case your group wins.

There’s also another option to join a lottery syndicate and that’s through syndicate organisers online. This is a better option as the groups and terms are already organised and all you have to do is become a member. However, just like with joining a group that you personally know, joining a syndicate online would also require you to determine their terms, number of members, amount to pay and lotto game played so that you can decide if it is the best option for you.

E-Luk is one of these lotto syndicate organisers and it’s a trusted one. With some sites, you can just sign up for a membership to join one of their groups. But with this one, you’ll need an e-Luk invitation to become a member. You can request to be invited by contacting them with the contact information on their site. A code and password will be sent to you via email, which you need to input on the site to start your e-Luk membership.

The terms and membership may vary from one lotto syndicate to another, but the basic idea is just the same. Lotto players join together to purchase more tickets and get better chances of winning the jackpot.

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